Conduct a Health Check


‘A Health Check’ is the first step to either the beginning of your collaborative enquiry, or the rejuvenation of your existing collaborative systems.


Start having conversations with the people around you to evaluate where you are on the collaborative front. What are the possibilities for future collaborations, and what will it take to get there? Think processes, resources, and management styles.


A Health Check asks people to fully engage – to fully ‘show up’ and bring the best of themselves to the conversation. For that to be possible people need to feel safe, trusted and not fear consequences if they tell the truth. We all want our opinions to be respected and valued.


Even this initial seemingly easy step is laying the foundations of your future collaborative path. Enabling free, healthy discussions in the identification and resolution of problems begins to cultivate an environment in which you can implement Step 2 of the Collaborative Enquiry path.


This process is in fact a collaborative development exercise – a model of Collaborative Enquiry that will be remembered, even as the collaborative culture becomes a macro organisational procedure.