Celebrate the development of your High Performance Team.


Celebration is often a forgotten element. It is critical for a sustainable healthy workplace. By injecting a bit of lightness and fun, we create a break in these crazy busy days that we live in.
Celebration enables reflection of what we have done, and acknowledges those that have delivered the success.   It energises the people and the organisation. It motivates others to stay the course and push the boundaries and reminds people that the organisation does care and does see what we do.   This celebration nurtures the trust – care – courage dynamic and builds a high performance team and organisation.
We have recently done some work around High Performance Teams. We took the old Tuckman model of forming, storming, norming and performing and updated it to: forming, storming, norming, maturing, customising and innovating.   The customising and innovating steps involve people’s creativity to resolve issues they are presented with on a day-to-day basis. No longer asking someone else to fix a problem, but stepping up and sorting it out for themselves.  
The advice process discussed in an earlier step is relevant here. People are free to act in customising and innovating. In customising it is based around customer needs, but in innovating you have a mandate to innovate even when others do not see the value.
You are free to innovate once you follow the advice process.