Identify some actions


Steps 1 to 3 have already provided some actions that are moving you towards a collaborative workplace.
The ‘Health Check’ may have uncovered required changes in various processes, resource deployment or management styles, as well as how people create healthy relationships by fully ‘showing up’.  Respect, being valued, healthy conversation and fighting fair are also all positive actions.
Step 2.1 is focused on you and your ability to collaborate as well as living collaborative values and behaviours.
Step 2.2 is about building and maintaining trust.
Step 3 looked at living the desired values and behaviours.  
All these actions have moved you towards a collaborative workplace. But there are other actions you can identify that can push you further up the collaborative organisational spiral.  
In a book published last year, called Reinventing Organisations, Frederic Laloux describes three characteristics to look out for in the new type of organisation. They are Self-management, Wholeness and Evolutionary purpose.  All these attributes can be part of your collaborative workplace. Self-management is you having freedom and taking responsibility for your actions.
Wholeness is about embracing the whole human being (not just the 1/16 of us that is the rational part).  Evolutionary purpose is about working for the common good, doing things we know is good for the world. Doing things that are better for the world can only send good repercussions back towards you.   Another action might be to change the decision-making processes to enable everyone to make their own decisions in their sphere of influence. This gives people responsibility, and allows them to feel integral to the organisation.  
Breakdown the worst parts of the hierarchy; those parts that disengage and demotivate.   You can also begin to manage and interact with people under the assumption that they are capable, competent and rational people, until proven otherwise.
Don’t work and cater for the most difficult or unreasonable personality. Instead, enable an environment which brings that personality up to the collaborative workplace level that you are instilling in your organisation.   Identifying and then embracing these things in the workplace is moving closer and closer to the collaborative organisation.­