Act differently tomorrow


Act differently by asking more questions and engaging more deeply with people. Work out what turns them on and motivates them. Link what they want in life with what the organisation does.  
When you start to tell someone what to do or explain how something is, consider how that conversation can contain the same content but maintain engagement of the other person, rather than usurp them.
Ask questions that round out their understanding so they can act how the organisation wants [or perhaps how you would]. Build their base of knowledge. Get to know your people; get interested in why they have certain views, especially when they are different from yours. What pushes their buttons? What do they care most about? Deepen the conversation, and try to link what is important to them with what is important in their job.
Observe the impact of this conversation. Learn what energises them and what enervates [takes energy away]. See the bigger picture and observe the energy flows. Understand the repercussions of your actions, both positive and negative.